Rosa Ermando Spa progettazione e realizzazione di rettificatrici tangenziali, per piani e CNC


The range of ROSA ERMADO SPA grinding machines is complete and modular, and allows creating customised machines, which are reliable and flexible, thus avoiding times and costs for manufacturing special machinery. ROSA ERMANDO SPA created different solutions dedicated to the automation of grinding processes, including machines with double work-piece holding table, work-piece loading-unloading systems, and automatic grinding wheel change.

These machines are intended for production departments, for serial medium/large processing operations, as well as for varied number of profiles. The system with double table can be manufactured with workable table of different dimensions, from 1000x500 mm to 2000x1000 mm.

The work-pieces are loaded and unloaded in two fixed positions: while a table is working, the other table unloads the work-piece, thus eliminating the idle times that are necessary for cleaning the work surface, as well as to place and remove the work-pieces, equalling 99%.Table change time: 60 seconds.

Handling of any operation, including wheel profiling, which is controlled by the ROSA SYSTEM VII CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 840 Di) system, using specific software for managing table change. This specific software has been developed by ROSA ERMANDO engineers. Each machine can be equipped with different solutions including universal, vertical and dividing heads, as well as rotary tables for performing special processing operations.